Texas Hold'em In Bars & Restaurants

Some of the best things in life actually are free. Free poker, also called Social Poker, is a very popular form of poker played in restaurants and taverns in Minnesota. It is called Free Poker because it doesn't cost the players any money to enter into the game. The game is played in the Texas Hold'em No Limit Tournament style of poker. The bar of restaurant generally awards some form of prize to the winner or winners of the tournament (there are sometimes more than one winner, if when the games gets down to only two or three players, all remaining players agree to "chop" or "split" the pot). These prizes can be in the form of points and/or cash. By law, the establishments can not give out prizes that exceed $200 in value per each individual tournament game. Generally, there is a first place prize and a second place prize, and some places have a third place prize or even a fourth place prize.

Here are the Rules of Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments as played in a Minnesota bar. The rules are the same in most bar games in Minnesota, but it's up to you to know about the rules of a game that you are in, as sometimes the rules change.

Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament Laws In Minnesota Bars & Restaurants

Bar Poker Table

The state laws regarding Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament in bars and restaurants are of interest to people who own bars. The laws governing Lawful Gambling, State Lottery, Social Skill Games, and Social Dice Games are of interest to bar owners and game players alike. The Hold'em laws are found in "Subd. 3. Social skill game" in the Minnesota State Public Health Alcohol and Gambling Control Division.

You can find the actual Minnesota Statutes related to the above topics, as well as all the laws in Minnesota current at the time of posting, by visiting Minnesota Poker and Gambling Laws.