The first decision to make when choosing a custom poker table is the shape of the table, which also determines the size of the table. You can choose either a 10-Man Oval Tournament Table or an 8-Man Octagon Home Game Table. We choose to have the Octagon table made for us.

The cut marks are drawn on the oak wood for the outline of the poker table.

The next decision to make when ordering your own custom poker table is the kind of wood that will be used in the construction of the table. You can choose between either oak or birch. We asked the poker table builder which wood he would recommend. He said it depends on the wood that is available on the day that he buys the wood, and which wood has the best grain. We ordered the oak, but asked him to use his judgment and pick what he thought looked like the best wood when he was buying the wood. The photo at the left shows our table in the drawing stage.

The three pieces of wood that will be assembled to form custom poker table.

The second photo at the left shows the wood pieces that will be fashioned into our poker table. This shape table measures 4' x 4'.

The stained wood rail for the custom poker table.

Shown in the photo at left is the wood part of the poker table that is referred to as the "racetrack" of the table. Here is where you have many choices to make as to the color, or stain, that you want this wood to be. For our table, our choice is "Sedona Red 222."

The drilling of the holes for the cupholeders for custom made poker table.

The photo at left shows the holes being cut that will hold the cupholders. Here is yet another choice that you have to customize your poker table. There are three styles of cupholders for you to choose from. We decided that we would like the "Stainless Steel Cupholders" that we can see installed in the poker table in the photos below.

The stretching of the felt for the custom poker table top.

Here we see the "felt" being stretched across the inside insert of the poker table. This is another area where you have plenty of choices as to the color of the cloth and even two choices as to the texture of the cloth. For the texture of our table, we chose the "Unsuited Speed Cloth" and for our color we chose "Classic Green," both illustrated in the photo to the left.

The felt center and oak rail assembled for poker table.

The photo at left shows our table starting to come together.

The leather looking material is stretched on the rail of the poker table.

This photo to the left shows yet another area where you have many of choices as to how your personalized poker table will look and feel. Here we see illustrated "Rail Color Options." This photo shows the "premium soft 'leather' vinyl" being applied to the "rail" of the poker table. You have over 20 different colors of material to choose from for your custom poker table. We decide to go with Black for our color.

The legs of the poker table in extended position.

Here we see the legs attached to the poker table, in the position that you would have the legs when playing on the table.

The poker table legs in collapsed position for moving or storage.

This photo shows the legs of the poker table in the collapsed position, for easy moving or storing of the poker table.

The partial view of top of assembled poker table.

Here we see a close up of the cupholders that we picked for our table.

The top of the finished poker table.

At last, the finished product. Our own personalized custom poker table exactly the way we want it to be.