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MINNESOTA GAMING showcases today's recreational sport of casino gaming in Minnesota. We illustrate the entertainment options offered at Minnesota casino locations. Our website, and also our print booklet, promotes these establishments, and provides the public with an informative guidebook, a practical road map and a keepsake directory showing people the way to these destinations, making it easier and more inviting for them to play and participate in a gaming adventure, enlightening them to the fine dining options and other delightful amenities offered with today's casino gaming.

MINNESOTA GAMING encourages people to learn the games like slots, blackjack, bingo and all the games that you are thinking about playing for money by reading books, watching videos and playing the games for free before gambling with real money. We suggest that a great way to learn the game of poker is to play in the free Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments offered in bars and restaurants, also called Social Poker, where people can engage in serious play for free, with the seriousness coming from prizes offered nice enough to make the game seem real, as well as educational and most important fun! When you are ready to want to play for real money, the poker rooms in Minnesota casinos offer the game of Texas Hold'em Poker, as well as some casinos offer the poker games of Seven Card Stud and Omaha.

The great game of poker can be found at many of the casinos in Minnesota. For people who would like to learn more about how poker is played before playing for real money in a casino where knowledge about the game helps for winning play as well as helping to make the game run better at the table, it is a good idea to read books about the game, watch videos about the game, and even watch some of the televisions programs about the game. One of the best ways to learn about the game is to play in the free Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments offered in bars and restaurants because the player gets to play with real live people, which is one of the most important parts of the game since the game involves so much of being able to "read" other players.

Places To Play Free Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments In Bars & Restaurants

poker tables in a barFor a look at some of the best places to play this "free poker" visit our Free Bar Poker pages for a variety of places to play during the week, offering the game in a variety of forms as far as prizes awarded and menus and drink specials.

One way to learn the game is to play regularly at the same game location where you will develop the skill to remember how a particular player plays. Another way to learn is to also play in games at different locations where the players have yet to develop a remembrance of how you play. So go play and enjoy the game, the camaraderie, the ambience and food and beverages offered at our recommended locations.